Computer Vision AI

We assist our partners from the first step in the AI world to solve their needs

Computer Vision AI

We assist our partners from the first step in the AI world to solve their needs, design their product, gather the necessary image data, develop the applications and deploy it to dedicated hardware, portable devices, or mobile phones based on their production needs.


Capture Image & Video data from existing camera infrastructure, IoT connected cameras, Machine Vision Cameras, Thermal & Multispectral Sensors


Clients can upload images & videos for analysis


Using our web app clients can annotate objects and regions via custom geometries or areas.

predictive assistance

Pretrained deep learning algorithms are finetuned to provide predictions that speed-up the annotation process.

model selection & training

State-of-the-art and Custom Deep learning architectures and algorithms are adjusted to the specific task.

evaluate model

Clients can evaluate the performance of the developed models on their own datasets and iterate.


The developed models are deployed on the devices that best fit the needs of each project.


A tool to label your visual data and test visual AI algorithms


Using a web based, easy to use Graphical User Interface, clients can upload and manage visual data (images, video sequences etc) and perform cost effective, high quality annotations for the development of deep learning based AI models.

Support multi-modal data

  • RGB images
  • Thermal images
  • Hyperspectral images
  • Video sequences

Support for multiple annotation types

  • Bounding boxes
  • Regions
  • Custom geometric shapes

Support state-of-the-art preloaded & pretrained deep learning models

  • Offer predictions
  • Semi – automated annotations
  • Speed-up
  • Critical for video sequences

Project management tools

  • Users/Project administration
  • Tools to define custom geometries
  • Tools to define & manage classes

ANNOTATOR is currently in closed-beta version. Let us know if you wish to give it a try.

Use Cases

Using our pipeline we serve clients worldwide by delivering disruptive technology

Logistics automation

Hidayath Group, a company with more than 40 years expertise in stainless steel industry had tusted us to develop a tool to automate their logistics pipeline. Based on state-of-the-art and custom-built Deep Learning models we have developed an android mobile app for:

  • automatic counting
  • 3D measuring of steel products
  • archiving the inventory on the cloud