Visual Data Analysis

we specialize in integrating multiple sensors (rgb, thermal, hyperspectal, etc), in multi-modal data analytics.

Visual Data Analysis

We capture, process, combine and analyse data from multiple optical, depth, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors. One of the most promising application scenarios is Precision Agriculture. We can provide to Growers and Agronomists useful insights concerning Crop Managment, Early Detection and Diagnosis, Monitoring Drought and Nutrient Stress Selecting Harvesting, Yield Prediction, Healthier and Higher Quality Products.

 Crop Managment and Selective Harvesting

Early Detection and Diagnosis, Monitoring Drought and Nutrient Stress

For more info check our publication “LEAF AREA INDEX ESTIMATION IN VINEYARDS FROM UAV HYPERSPECTRAL DATA, 2D IMAGE MOSAICS AND 3D CANOPY SURFACE MODELS” in International Conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Geomatics (2015)

UAV Crop Mapping

For monitoring efficiently and timely your fields and crops various UAV platfroms are employed, including both fixed-wing and drones

Multispectral and Hyperspectral Sensors

For remotely understanding the current status of your valueble crops we fly with cutting-edge mutlispectral and hyperspectral sensors including thermal and UV wavelenghts

Data and Crop Analytics

Automated processing and analytics for helping growers and agronomists to make better and timely management decisions

Application Scenario

Crop Management

Detecting In-field Variability

3D and Spectral Crop Analytics

Monitoring your Crops in 3D, in Full Spectrum, Quantitative Estimation of Growth and Yield

Early Detection and Diagnosis

Helping Growers and Agronomists with Early Detection and Diagnosis, while Monitoring Drought and Nutrient Stress